Eclipse - engels

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A compelling and brilliantly researched reflection of the era which featured on of racing's most renowned equine heroes.

While O'Kelly, an adventurer who has made his money through roguery and gambling, and who's also the companion of the madam of one of London's most notorious brothels, is destined to remain an outcast to the racing establishment, his horse, Eclipse, will go on to become the undisputed, undefeated champion of his sport.


Titel: Eclipse - the story of the rogue, the madam, and the horse that changed racing

Auteur: Nicholas Clee

Jaar van uitgave: 2011

Uitgeverij: Black Swan

Taal: English

Aantal pagina's: 344

Formaat: 19,5 x 12,5 x 2,2

Bindwijze: Paperback

ISBN: 9780552774420

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