Why the Dutch are Different - engels

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Ben Coates delves into the heart of his adopted homeland and explores why one of the world's smallest countries is so significant and so fascinating. He also discovers a country that is changing fast, with the Dutch now questioning many of the liberal policies that made their country famous. " A personal portrait of a fascinating people, a sideways history and an entertaining travelogue, this is the story of a man who went Dutch - and loved it


Titel: Why the Dutch are Different - A Journey Into the Hidden Heart of the Netherlands

Auteur: Ben Coates

Jaar van uitgave: 2015

Uitgeverij: Nicholas Brealey Publishing

Taal: English

Aantal pagina's: 293

Formaat: 19,5 x 13 x 2

Bindwijze: Paperback

ISBN: 9781857886856

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